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Picture Puzzle: The Answer

Thank you all for taking part.  I hope you enjoyed.  The answer of course to the Picture Puzzle was

Photo Credit


More about the pictures (including photo credits) and some interesting Canadian Trivia

    • Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump was used by Canadian First Nations People to kill buffalo by driving them off the 10 metre cliff, hence the name.
      • Poutine (pronounced Poo-TEEN) is a French Canadian dish consisting of French fries, cheese curd and gravy.  Don’t knock it till you try it.
        • Hôtel de Glace is the first ice hotel in North America, which is built every January and disappears in the spring it’s located on the outskirts of Quebec.
              • Yonge Street is the longest street in the world at 1178 miles long!!!
                • Wasaga Beach, in Ontario, is the longest freshwater beach in the world.
                  • This could be disputed but the Zipper was invented in Canada.
                    • Canada’s only desert, it’s only 15 miles long but is home to the Endangered Western Rattlesnake.  They’ll catch the snakes and put them in a ‘snake hotel’ so you can have a closer look.  No thanks!
                      • Lacrosse shares the title as Canada’s National Sport alongside Ice Hockey of course.


                        2 Responses

                        1. on first glance that picture looked quite rude! My mind is obviously in the gutter this evening.

                        2. Ahh, I should have guessed! I’ve caught the Picture Puzzle bug now…I want to do MORE!

                          Thanks so much for guesting on my blog, and allowing me to guest on yours 😀

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