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Inappropriate Toddler Toys?????

Shortly after Christmas my 2 year old discovered a couple of our Secret Santa presents!  My first reaction was noooooooo!  However, when I thought about it I came to the conclusion that she has no idea what they are and it’s not going to cause irreparable damage.  You may disagree.

Swear Box

She actually calls it the Money Box and enjoys counting the money as she drops it in.  It doesn’t actually swear so I think we’re safe.

Karma Sutra Cooking Cutters

Besides the sharp edges I don’t think this is dangerous either.  She calls one a horse and the other a seal.   Thankfully she hasn’t noticed the two heads yet!

I’m going to carry on enjoying this innocence for as long as I can.


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  1. Great work! Keep flying the Inappropriate Kids Toys flag!

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