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Mr. and Mrs.

Loads of people have been doing adorable interviews with their kids.  I wanted to take part, but unfortunately my daughter is still too young.  So instead, I’ve decided to interview my husband Mr. and Mrs. style. Not very original I know.

He only got 4/10.  I do need to give him some slack though. We married after knowing each other for only11 months and that was less than 4 years ago, so in a lot of ways we’re still getting to know each other.

Feel free to do one yourself; I’d love to see your results. You could even interview your cat like The_Moiderer!

1.) What year was I born?

Oh sh*t!  Let me think….1973. Wrong. Would have been good if you’d remembered this when we were being interviewed by immigration.

2.)How much do I weigh?

Am I allowed to answer that…10.5 stone.  Close enough

3.) What size shoes do I wear?

Get those blooding things of the sofa (my Uggs)…7.5.  Wrong again.  They’re 8s

4.) What is my favourite book?

Oh, that guy that died.  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Correct

5.) What is my favourite TV Programme?

The Jungle One…I’m a Celebrity.  Wrong.  I do enjoy it but it’s not my favourite.  Would have accepted Glee, Desperate House Wives, or House.

6.) What was my first job?

Working in a Restaurant.  Wrong.  Don’t think you can call McDonald’s a restaurant.

7.) What do I find most annoying about you?

I forget things…..wrong.  Told you, you never listen!

8.) Marmite; love it or hate it. Correct.

I hate it.  I’d rather chew my own toenails.

9.) What is my speciality in the kitchen?

Kraft Dinner (Macaroni and cheese in a box)…wrong again…making a mess or ruining dinner is my speciality.

10.) Would I rather be sober in a crowd of drunks or drunk in a crowd of sober people?

Drunk in a crowd of sober people.  Correct.  Well that was a no brainer wasn’t it!


8 Responses

  1. So the most important question is: how many of those questions did he get right?!

    • Sorry about that…was mid publishing when you found it. He only got a measly 4/10! Hope you don’t mind the link.

  2. Great idea, and love the picture. If/when Chris returns from his skiing trip will do similar!

  3. I think he did quite well really. I was trying to figure out how many my hubby would get right…probably none, except the last one of course. I don’t think he’d know what #8 was.

  4. I think you were a bit mean to him! He definately coudl fo passed for 6/10 lol. Mich x

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