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Shiny Happy People

Yay!  I was finally tagged to do the Shiny Happy People Meme.  Thanks to @tiddlyompompom for this as this is one that I wanted to do.  The brief is to blog about something that makes you smile, it can be a photo, song, story, etc.

My first thought was my Wedding Song, ‘I knew I Loved You’ by Savage Garden as it makes me smile but this one had me in hysterics last Monday.  Sorry to all you non-Glee fans.

As for a photo, here is one of my daughter that always makes me smile.  Yes, it’s a little girl and not an old man or a turtle.  As you can see she loved her first trip to Canada

As usual, I’d like to make this Meme open to everyone.  However, I would like to see what makes @bubblynatz, @iaingilmour, and @the_moiderer smile.

For my own sadistic pleasure, I’d also like to throw it out to @chickenruby as adding photos and video to her blog will cause her undue stress. ;-P


11 Responses

  1. You meanie! I totally understand the angst caused by having to add video (vlog?) to blogs. Love the pic in the sandpit, reminds me of those long past days when we used to have something called sunshine and above freezing temperatures, even in the UK.

  2. Aww thanks, will get blogging in a while must go and do summat first that doesn’t make me smile.Clean my kitchen urgh!

    Love the pic of your daughter!!

  3. […] was tagged today by @mediocre_mum to do the Shiny Happy People […]

  4. great picture of your daughter! any word from the chicken yet?

  5. Hooray – another Gleek (Glee Geek). My 10-year old SCREAMS with laughter at the Single Ladies footie dance.

    Love the photo too.

    These Shiny Happy Meme’s have been brilliant 🙂

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