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Embarrassing Moments

After having my daughter, to say I was self conscious about my body would be an understatement.  So when I was invited to my best friend’s Hen Party in Spain, the thought of putting on a bathing suit filled me with dread.

I met up with my best friend prior to going and we were chatting about this.  She said that everyone would be wearing bikinis and there would be all shapes and sizes, from a size 6 to a 20.  After a few beers I decided ‘what the hell’ and headed to BHS to try on some bikinis.  I’ve never really been a bikini person.  I can assure you it didn’t look good but, I don’t know how, it did look better than my one piece Speedo style one.  It may have been the beer talking

Fast-forward; so, off to Spain we went and hit the beach.  Lying on the sun beds wasn’t a problem as long as I kept my arms strategically placed above my head.  But, after several pints I couldn’t put off a trip to the loo any longer.  So, I stood tall, shoulders back and held my stomach in with all my might and proceeded to walk the length of the bar past all my friends and other stag and hen parties.

I was convinced they were all staring at me…….

And they were…………

As I’d walked the entire length of the bar with my Tampon string hanging out of my bikini!  I might as well have been naked!

What’s your most embarrassing moment?


7 Responses

  1. I have many – here’s one: out with a whole load of college mates at a crowded bar with an outside table area. It was my turn to get the next round in which I did. I walked outside with the tray of drinks and sat down at the table. I looked around at the faces that were staring at me and said, “I don’t know any of you!” before standing up and again and walking over to my friends who at this point were falling off the chairs laughing…

  2. I just fell off my chair laughing!

  3. 5 years ago, hubby & I went on a break or make holiday to Barbados. Spent 1st day on beach, very windy, did not bother too much with sun screen etc, woke up next day very burnt and not feeling too well. Spent day in room and decided to go out for a couple of drinks and dinner. I had a champagne cocktail outside and was in bar having a G &T when I felt unwell. Ended up fainting and peed myself. Then the ambulance turned up !!!! Mortified ! Not even pissed lol. I did not go in the ambulance. Had the best sex ever for the rest of the week lol.

  4. oh, that is hilarious!

  5. I was at a new business meeting a few months after my son was born. I’d made a real effort, so blow-dried hair, smart outfit etc. I’d worn a pair of smart trousers that I’d managed to squeeze myself back into and to hide any lumps and bumps I wore a long brown fluffy cardigan (from monsoon so nicer than that description sounds). I was still wearing my rather attractive breast-feeding bras and had a ‘nude’ coloured one that would have been perfect under my chosen top, unfortunatley I couldn’t find it that morning so I went for the black one thinking that I could just about get away with it.
    The meeting was in quite a smart, newly opened restaurant and I was running late so I arrived all a tad flustered. The waiters were extremely attentive all lunch-time and it was great to feel ‘back in the game’ – my lunch companions were all male and they were genuinely buying into my pitch about how my marketing business could help them. It was quite flattering that everytime I looked up one of the waiters was always looking my way and by the time lunch was over I felt quite on a high.
    I was the first to leave so I shook hands with all my clients, turned about foot and left the restaurant with my head held high.
    It was only when I got home that I noticed that my nude bra that I’d been desperately hunting down was in fact attached on my cardigan at my right shoulder blade and had been hanging down my back the entire time I was out of the house!!!!!!!!!!!
    My clients (I won the busineses) never mentioned it so I’m not sure whether I managed to get away with them not noticing (I’d only turned my back on them when I was leaving, but I was putting my coat on as I left so fingers crossed it was never spotted) BUT obvisously the waiters, and other diners, had the pleasure of this and no-one said anything!!!! Mortified? I think I cried for the rest of the day!!!!!

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