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Do you post pictures of your kids?

When I first started using Twitter my daughter had one of those falling asleep in her pasta moments so I quickly took a photo and sent my first Twitpic.

I really didn’t think anything about it until one of my colleagues sent me an email asking if I felt comfortable putting photos of my gorgeous blonde daughter on the net.  Admittedly, she had just been involved in delivering some Internet Safety Courses for schools and had heard stories that made her toes curl.  My first reaction was why not?

So, me being me, I set off trolling the internet looking for more information.  I found two interesting sites, with two very different ideas, but for the life of me I can’t lay my hands on them again.

The first was a woman who had worked with paedophiles for over 15 years and she was saying that this is not how they work.  According to her they’re opportunists and don’t tend to find children on the net, then set about tracking them down.  They’re more likely to snatch a child from a park.  This put me at ease a bit but I’ve seen numerous stories on the news that contradict this with older men grooming teenagers and then skipping the country with them.

The second put chills up my spine.  I’m not a user of Flickr so may get the terminology wrong.  Apparently, there’ve been incidences of people (using the term loosely) favouriting and tagging photos of people’s children for their own enjoyment and making it easier for other Sickos to find them.  After my initial disgust, the first question that sprang to mind was ‘why on earth would people put half-naked pictures of their children on the internet in the first place?’

But, I’ve seen this time and time again on Facebook, holiday shots of friends’ kids in their birthday suits.  Yes, the photos are adorable but I don’t think they realise that the rest of the world can see them.  I do upload photos of my daughter to FB but I’m very careful in the ones that I choose.  I have a gorgeous arty photo of Madame picking tomatoes in her Grandma’s garden but I’d never post it.  I’ve also been through the privacy settings with a fine tooth comb and have locked my account down as best as I can.  Click here to see 10 Privacy Setting Every Facebook User Should Know

The conclusion that I have come to after my research, is that I’ll continue to share photos and videos of my daughter but will apply some common sense.  This may be a naïve (some may think stupid) view but I’m a very trusting person and I don’t want my daughter growing up in fear.  Obviously, we’ll do our best to teach her about stranger danger, but I really don’t think the world is anymore dangerous than when I grew up in the 70s,  even though the media makes us think otherwise.  Does anyone have any more information/statistics that supports or negates this?

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have further information or links I would be most grateful.

Do you post images/videos of your kids?  Am I being naïve?


23 Responses

  1. Interesting points, and I do believe that parents should be more careful about what they post online, not necessarily due to paedophiles trawling the net but for their kids in the future.
    If I found naked pictures of me as a child online where my friends could find them I’d be horrified. Imagine the horror of finding pictures of you naked as a kid posted all over your school/collage by a prankster.

    However, I do believe the threat from paedophiles is very small, if you have your privacy settings set properly where only your close friends and family can see your treasured pictures, then I see no harm in posting whatever you like.

    • That is very interesting! I had not thought of that…as an adult I’d be able to laugh it off but as an insecure teen I would’ve been mortified.

  2. With my work head on…it is permissible to publish photographs of children in your care in newspapers and websites….it is permissile to publish the names of the children but not in a manner that can lead to identification……i.e do not publish names left-right, front row to back row…etc.
    But to do any of the above you must have agreement from the parents and you must inform them how any images are being used. i.e newspaper article.

    • Knew this may be of interest to you and thank you for the reminder….in the past I have been guilty of posting pictures of Madame without any consideration to other kids who may be in the photo (paygroups, etc)….Will be more careful next time.

  3. Perfectly OK to post pictures of your child even if there are others in the background, it would not be acceptable to post the same pictures if the children are in your care..i.e teacher or nursery worker on your own personal facebook or other website pages

  4. Like you I have some lovely pictures that I would never post online. I wouldn’t even put them in my Dropbox (online file sharing) folder which I use for family to get videos and photo’s. As you have noticed though I have no qualms about posting action photos in general. I don’t think it is a problem and neither do I think she will be embarassed by them when she is a an adult.
    Incidentally – she loves to sit with me and look at photos of herself and photos and videos from other peoples blogs!

  5. I have posted photos to facebook but have privacy maxxed out. On my blog, I try not to use pictures of faces and certainly don’t put naked pictures up. It’s a very personal choice but it does scare me how naive some people are.

    • Fairly confident you’re not calling me naive but it is worrying how many people don’t utilize privacy settings on things such as Facebook.

  6. I post the occasional non-naked pic of the children, and don’t include their names. I agree about trying not to be too paranoid. There’s a really interesting movement about this, Free Range Kids (www.freerangekids.com), and I often go and read the blog whenever I think I’m getting too het up about stranger and other dangers.

  7. If a paedophile wanted to see naked children, surely all he would have to do is go to a beach or a park in summer with his camera and pretend to be taking pictures of the scenery. and what’s to say that your kid’s, friend’s father isn’t one and using those pictures he took at that BBQ last summer?

    I think we can over think these things.

    I wont and dont post pictures showing my kids genetalia for as much the reasons pointed out above of them being mortified when older as any potential pervert problem but i dont’ see anything wrong in posting pictures of them in a nappy or just in their pants.

    other peoples children i don’t. they are not mine and it’s not my choice to make.

    Posting details where said children can be found, like your address is wrong. there are some sickos out there and you should never put your children in danger like that.

    and that’s my 2p’s worth. A great topic.

    • Exactly! Not sure if I would post photos of Madame in her nappy or pants but it’s down to personal choice and comfort level.

  8. I don’t have a massive problem with it to be honest. I stopped writing about her so much because I didn’t want her to be embarrassed when she was older and if friends googled her name. I try to keep pictures on my blog to a back of the head/side of the face shot. My Facebook account is locked down to friends only, so I put more on there.

    Unfortunately I had to deal with some paedophile stuff when an extended family member was abused and trawling the net for pictures of children isn’t how they work. Going after children in public places and befriending families is much more to their thing – sad but true. Like you say I don’t think the world is that different to when we grew up in the 1970’s why live in fear.

  9. Very interesting blog, I have my FB privacy settings as high and safe as possible and so does my son so we feel quite safe posting on there.

    I wouldn’t put any pics on Twitter though as I don’t know all of my followers and there are people who I know, that I don’t want to see him.


  10. I put the odd kids picture on Facebook where only friends can see, and delete them after a while. I don’t put kids pictures on twitter. I don’t mention my kids names on my blog or website. I’ve put one picture of my son on my blog, but you can mostly only see the top of his head which is why I felt ok about doing it 🙂 So I err on the side of caution!

  11. I’ve wondered exactly the same things but my blog is based around the children so pictures of them are suppoed to be part of it. I’m proud of my children so want to show them off but…it is a worry. I’d always wondered about pictures of other children in though, I feel I can’t use them and wouldn’t feel comfortable asking for parent’s permission either. Thank you, I’ve learnt something through this post. :0)

  12. I used to, but I don’t any longer. I blogged briefly about it here; http://is.gd/8BBy4

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