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Home Alone

Do you ever get that feeling….you know the one when you’re going on holiday and you feel like you forgot something?  You go through your mental checklist a million times.  Did I pack credit cards, passport, currency, travel adapter, sunscreen, and toothbrush? Plus a 1000 other items. Did I lock the front door?  Did I cancel the milk?  Did I confirm the flights? Can the neighbours get in to feed the cats?

I can’t shake this feeling every time I leave the house without my daughter (not by accident of course).  I flew solo for 35 years and it’s amazing how in 2.5 years she has become a permanent fixture on my side.  I see her more than my own shadow, which is not a complaint.

Prior to having my daughter I always joked that if I had kids I’d surely forget them somewhere.  Luckily, this has happened……..yet?

I dated a bloke in university that came from a family of 10 he was twenty and the youngest had just been born.  Yes, they were devout Catholics if you were wondering.  They all bundled into the family people carrier for a holiday, made a pit stop at some services.  They hopped back in the van, drove 45 minutes down the road and didn’t realise they had left poor Mary behind until her dad tried to ask her a question.  Quick u-turn and they raced back to the petrol station to find poor Mary standing outside the petrol station crying.  Bless!

Have you ever accidentally forgotten your children or were you forgotten as a child?


8 Responses

  1. I was forgotten.

    I was about 6, and had been to the library with my dad and my big brother. We went back to the car, and dad and brother got in, but dad didn’t unlock the back door (pre central locking). He only realised when he got to my mum’s work to pick her up, and told me to go in to get her, and I didn’t answer. He raced back to get me to find me standing where he had left me.

    I actually thought it was a joke as he had pretended to leave my brother at football a couple of weeks earlier!

    Needless to say, it made it into the father of the bride speech!

  2. Nope, as far as I know I have never been forgotten, and have never forgotten my kids. I have however, forgotten that my handbag was still on the roof of the car where I put it to strap B into her seat and wondered why people were flashing and pointing at me! I’ve heard plenty f stories of babies left outside shops – back in the days when it was safe and considered “normal” to leave babies in prams outside while the mum nipped into the corner shop!

    • In Canada, we plug our cars in in the winter…there is a block heater in the front that stops the engine from freezing…my mum forgot to unplug it and drove to town with 100 feet of extension cord dragging behind her! Dizzy blonde.

  3. Haven’t left either of the boys any where but did forget to pick them up from school early at end of term forgot they finished early so got a phone call 30 mins after they should have been picked up felt a right muppet

  4. You know, I totally would have thought I would’ve left the boy SOMEWHERE by now, but I haven’t.

    The sad part is that it surprises me that I haven’t… yet. 🙂

    These stories in the comments are hilarious.

  5. Thankfully not yet, but i can’t see us getting through their entire childhood without doing!

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