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Dirty Old Woman!

I announced on Twitter a few days ago that I have a crush (not in an I-want-to-have-your-babies kind of way) on Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) from Glee.  Apparently, I’m not the only one.

Look at him, he could give Bette Middler a run for her money, if he didn’t have a stylist his hair would look like a burst mattress and he has an English teacher’s dress sense.  So, what is it about him?

He first caught my attention when he sang (okay, lip synced) Leaving on a Jet plane in the first episode.  Wow!

His character continued to grow on me; his passion for music, his belief in the pupils, for being a long suffering husband of a neurotic nag and being oblivious to Emma, the guidance counsellor’s crush.

But, this week was the clincher.  Mr. Schuester can bust a move!  He went from ‘adorable to delicious’.

I’ve officially turned into a dirty old woman!

Must run, there’s someone at the door….it’s probably a bailiff delivering a restraining order!


6 Responses

  1. umm, sorry – not feeling this one.

  2. Maybe he’s ummm ‘sexy’ in a nerdy kind of way… 😉 (I’m well known for my strange crushes).

  3. I am sooo with you on this one, gotta love a guy that can sing…and dance…and looks like that! There is something about a guy that can sing or play the piano (piano makes it extra special for some reasonlol) that makes my stomach flip…I love Hugh Laurie for that reason too…have you seen him play piano?

    Probably helps that I’m a Gleek too 😀

  4. ANd what about the Thong Song?? Def agree with you here!

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