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A Bit of Friday Fun!

So, what is it or what is it used for?  The correct answer may not be the best answer.  Extra points for originality!

Here are some of the answers so far…

The correct answer is The Citrus Reamer which is used for stripping the pulp and goodness from hard-skinned fruit but the best answer has to go to @dadyougeek who thought it was a multi sensory dildo!  I’ll sort out a certificate ASAP!


3 Responses

  1. I was going to say a contraption that acts like a sort of magnet to piles by the look of it, but that would be very uncouth. Oh well. x

    • Can’t be any worse than some of the suggestions. It was great fun. We’re going to do it next Friday at 8pm if you’re around.

  2. It’s looks like my head feels right now. Is it for pastry?

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