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A Bit of Friday Fun! (5th Mar 10)

We played this last week and it was great fun.  All you have to do is guess what the object is or what it is used for.  The correct answer isn’t necessarilythe best answer.  Basically, whoever makes me laugh the most, wins! If you want to see everyone’s responses follow #bitoffun

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It’s been a difficult decision this week….I was torn between Un-corking 5 bottles at at a time, a highly effective nipple tickler and a Swiss army skewer.  But, wishful thinking has to go to the nipple tickler @lottieloves1.

If you’re interested it was actually a Cervix Dialator.  Ouch!


15 Responses

  1. A head massager!

  2. Edward Scissorhands’ holiday glove

  3. A medieval instrument of torture – for use without anaesthetic, on those who are guilty of bad parenting 😀

  4. Freddie Kruger’s spare

  5. It’s a little known fact that Edward Scissorhands was originally called Edward Folding-Garden-Rake Hands. This prosthetic Folding-Garden-Rake hand was never featured in the film, but rumour has it Johnny Depp’s partial thumbprint (yes, ladies, even his partial thumbprint sets my loins afire) is on one of the blades.

  6. Bugger – my lost post was “Edward Scissorhands’ holiday glove” but that must have been the one that got lost and MumVersusKids has stolen my idea 😀 😀 😀

  7. Looks like a devise to measure my brain think it’s all ready on the right measure for me. So I am submitting a brain spanner #bitoffun

  8. Some old fashioned whisk?

  9. To help you remove corks out of your full bodied wine no screw tops for you failing that jacket potato vice #bitoffun

  10. Bloody Nora!

  11. Makes me so glad to be a bloke. Bet it was designed by a bloke tho.

  12. […] Chrissie, aka Mediocre Mum for her hilarious Friday Fun posts! […]

  13. A child-scarer! Point it in their direction and they won’t ever, ever misbehave!

  14. Love the game! Terrified by what this actually is – yikes!

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