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A Bit of Friday Fun! (5th Mar 10)

We played this last week and it was great fun.  All you have to do is guess what the object is or what it is used for.  The correct answer isn’t necessarilythe best answer.  Basically, whoever makes me laugh the most, wins! If you want to see everyone’s responses follow #bitoffun

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It’s been a difficult decision this week….I was torn between Un-corking 5 bottles at at a time, a highly effective nipple tickler and a Swiss army skewer.  But, wishful thinking has to go to the nipple tickler @lottieloves1.

If you’re interested it was actually a Cervix Dialator.  Ouch!


My Follow Friday Pick

I’m not sure where I first met Hilary (@fatfighter41) formerly known as @hilsbigs. I think it was when we were attempting #noalchoholnovember and we both weren’t at our most exciting.  I must admit that she did a lot better than me.  She managed the month and I managed a measly 2 weeks.  I fell off the wagon mid month but managed to pull myself together for the rest of the month.  So I managed 27 days in total.

Don’t let her avatar fool you.  I know she looks like she should be the editor for woman’s weekly, all sweet and innocent, but oh no, no no!  If you look in the dictionary under ‘dark horse’ you’ll find her.

She’s been doing WW and has hooked up with @vino_alcoholic for support.  I think it’s a case of the blind leading the blind.   They’re both abstaining during the week but look out on Fridays after the weigh-ins.  Bloody riotous!

She’s friendly, chatty, funny and sharp witted.  Do say hello and tell her I sent you! If you already follow Hilary do pipe in!

A Bit of Friday Fun!

So, what is it or what is it used for?  The correct answer may not be the best answer.  Extra points for originality!

Here are some of the answers so far…

The correct answer is The Citrus Reamer which is used for stripping the pulp and goodness from hard-skinned fruit but the best answer has to go to @dadyougeek who thought it was a multi sensory dildo!  I’ll sort out a certificate ASAP!

My Follow Friday Pick (26th Feb 10)

My Follow Friday Pick this week is @batonabike

I’m not sure where I first met Cheryl, but I think it was when we were heckling the Plinthers in Trafalgar Square.  She even made the trip to London to support @pennynash when it was her turn on the 4th plinth.

I’m recommending the lovely @batonabike because she’s friendly, chatty, interesting and funny.  If you’re ever having a really sh*tty day, she’ll stop whatever she’s doing and will painstakingly tweet you a true tale that is sure to cheer you up and possibly wet yourself.  Make sure you have plenty of Tena Lady’s on hand.  If you’re really lucky she may even share the commode story.

And when @chickenruby, @procphil, @fatfighter41 and her get going you’re in for a real treat.  I wouldn’t be able to paraphrase what happened last time but it had something to do with Zimmerframes and sex.  Side splittingly good fun!

Only ‘kind’ folk need apply.  Please do say hi and tell her I sent you!

My Follow Friday Pick

I’ve met so many wonderful people on Twitter and I’d like to recommend them but I don’t want them to get lost in the strings of usernames on a #followfriday, which is one of the pitfalls of #followfriday.  I love receiving #ff recommendations but stopped doing them regularily a while ago.  I find myself doing introductions whenever I see a connection between people or if I come across a good all round Twit that everyone will enjoy.

This week I’ve decided to try something a bit different.  I got the idea from Nikki Backsall, @webmums.  I’m going to recommend one of my favourite twitterers and feature them on my blog on a Friday.  This will give me a chance to expand on why you should follow them in more than 140 characters and hopefully you won’t miss them.

This week I have to recommend @iaingilmour, because who in their right mind writes a love song to their shed, especially, when he hasn’t written one for his lovely wife, @sarahchocolate in years.   He’s a father of two, musically inclined, writes ‘slightly epic’ blog posts but always worthy of a read and I really don’t know what he does for a day job, but he has an obsession with monitor splitters.

I don’t think I need to tell you he’s barmy.  I enjoy reading his tweets but I don’t know how many times I’ve replied with ‘Huh?’ as 90% of the time I have no idea what he’s on about, but he does make me laugh and I’m sure he’ll make you to. And if you’re really lucky he may compose you a birthday song which he did for me back in October!